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Mosquito bites are usually just leave marks on the skin bumps that could be lost within a few minutes or hours. But because of the mosquitoes, the female body is swollen up to 228 kg.

Sophia weight Loots (42 years) rose dramatically from 89 kg to 317 kg. He was too embarrassed to seek medical help because she initially thought the condition occurs due to excessive eating habits.

Sophia LootsFor 5 years, he had caught in bed with a swollen legs could no longer be used for walking. Then in October 2011 he sought the help of the hospital.

Women from Cape Town, South Africa, was diagnosed with lymphedema, which caused her legs to swell 63.5 kg respectively. His weight climbed to 228 pounds after being bitten by mosquitoes in 2006. Doctors thought, it is possible insect carrying filarial larvae, which block the channel fluid in the lymphatic system causing his legs to swell.

His body grew to be so heavy, unable to perform simple tasks such as washing. To go to the toilet alone, he needs the help of others. This condition makes Sophia became depressed and turned to food, which ultimately makes the weight go up.

Sophia developed elephantiasis because of severe lymphedema, skin thickening and swelling continued. To save him, doctors recommend surgery.

But such a huge weight will make the operation difficult. Sophia was finally doing a radical diet and managed to lose weight 23 kg in 25 days.

“I actually think going to die in bed. Was horrible. My kids had to go home to help me go to the bathroom. Husband I had to work hard, while I spent time alone in bed, knitting, listening radio or cry, “said Sophia, as reported by the Daily Mail, Thursday (28/02/2013).

Feeling depressed, Sophia vent her emotions in food. He will eat bread with cheese blocks and 3 large packs of chips every day. He also drank 10 cups of coffee with 5 tablespoons of sugar and cream, and 2 liter soda.

“Food was my comfort. Within 5 years, I lost everything, I can hardly call myself a mother. Burned my legs all the time. I’m in pain, it’s torture,” he said.

Sophia finally ventured to consult a doctor in October 2011 and began treatment in June 2012. He was taken to Johannesburg for treatment. Under the leadership of Dr. Dirk le Roux, excess fluid drained from his feet and sagging skin was removed.

After surgery to drain away and remove excess skin, Sophia weight is now down to 127 pounds.

Lymphostatic elephantiasis is a condition that can cause feet to swell up to almost 3 times the normal size. This condition is most often caused by parasitic worms, which obstruct the channel to drain the fluid in the lymphatic system. This causes great swelling especially in the legs.

Other symptoms include severe fatigue, severe limb swelling or accumulation of fluid in the body, changes in skin color that coats lymphedema, and eventually deformity.

Lymphostatic elephantiasis is the extreme form of lymphoedema, the swelling in the leg as a result of damage

Almost all foods contain good benefits for the body. In fact, there is an increasing food benefits when combined with other foods. For example, there is a reason why or tenderloin steak satay better when accompanied by a drink orange juice or orange juice. You want to know?

Coffee and sugar
Many say that the benefits may be more pronounced if the coffee drunk without sugar. But according to a study published in the journal Human Psychopharmacology: Clinical and Experimental, if you drink coffee added sugar, in the area of ​​the brain associated with attention to work more efficiently than if you drink coffee without sugar. As a result, you can work more productively. If you are not a coffee drinker, try drinking green tea with extra honey.

Fish and turmeric
Curcumin (turmeric, component in turmeric) and DHA (omega-3 fatty acids are found in oily fish such as tuna, salmon, sardines, or mackerel) to protect the body from some types of cancer, and prevent cancer cells to multiply. The combination of fish and turmeric will be able to slow tumor growth and the spread of types of breast cancer cells than when these compounds interact with cancer cells separately, according to a study from BMC Center in 2011. According to the researchers, DHA helps the cells to utilize turmeric (See recipe: Fish Cooking Turmeric, Pepes Mackerel, Sardines Pepes Mushrooms, Grilled Sardines Vegetables, Sauteed Salmon Balut Egg).

Whole wheat with garlic or onion
According to the study, add sauteed onions to the menu that contain whole grains can make the menu more healthy. Therefore, this combination can help increase the absorption of iron and zinc, a mineral that is more easily absorbed from animal sources, according to a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Iron helps spread the oxygen into the cells, while zinc is necessary for immunity and healing wounds. It is estimated, on bawanglah sulfur compounds that help the absorption process.

Nuts and green vegetables
Legumes (such as chickpeas, kidney beans, peas, or soybeans) contain iron, while green vegetables contain vitamin C. When both are taken together, vitamin C in green vegetables helps convert iron in nuts to more easily absorbed by the body. This combination is very effective when you eat poorly absorbed iron, which is commonly found in vegetable sources, such as tofu, spinach, raisins, and cereal were given iron content. Some sources of vitamin C are citrus fruits, cabbage, red peppers, celery, and papaya.

Tomato and olive oil
Olive oil contain good fats and high antioxidant, which when added to fruit or vegetables can help you to absorb some fitonutrisi better. The journal Free Radical Biology and Medicine revealed that tomatoes are consumed with sunflower seed oil or olive oil, likopennya levels rose in the week. Lycopene is the compound that gives red color to tomatoes, red peppers, and watermelon. This compound is believed to reduce the risk of breast cancer, heart disease, and lung.

Meat and vitamin C
Red meat, fish, or poultry, contains iron which is needed for the body’s cells convert energy in food into

If you’re trying to decide between health insurance plans, you’ll find that there are several different kinds from which to choose. It’s important that you weigh all your options carefully. Your health insurance, even with an employer contribution to the cost, is very likely to be your largest regular monthly expense other than your rent or mortgage. The plan you choose needs to be more than affordable. It will affect your family’s choices in doctors and health care as long as you are a member of that health insurance plan.

Health insurance is like any other kind of insurance. You pay a monthly amount, called a premium, to an insurance company in return for ‘benefits’, to be paid out as needed. Depending on the kind of plan that you choose, those benefits might include regular doctor’s office visits, checkups, emergency room services and hospitalizations, and treatment by specialists. Some health insurance plans also offer benefits that are called ‘wellness benefits.’ like discounts on health club memberships, stop-smoking classes, and nutritional consultations.

The main types of health insurance plans are:

HMO – Health Maintenance Organizations

HMO benefits are geared toward keeping you healthy. They aim for affordable health care costs by reducing the cost of annual physicals, well-child visits and other routine care by requiring you to pay a ‘co-pay’ – a small portion of the actual bill – for every visit to your doctor, and the health insurance company pays the rest. Most require that you choose a primary care physician, who takes the place of an old fashioned General Practitioner – the family doctor who knew your medical history and prescribed visits to specialists if needed. HMOs are generally more affordable than traditional health insurance, but they’ll still cost you several hundred dollars a month.

All your medical care under an HMO will be arranged through your primary care physician. If you need to consult with a specialist, you simply call your primary care physician and request a referral.

Preferred Provider Health Insurance Plans

PPH health insurance plans are very similar to HMOs. They also attempt to keep overall medical costs affordable by providing both preventive and catastrophic health care coverage. Unlike most HMO’s, though, you can usually choose to visit any physician or other provider registered with the preferred provider network. You’ll pay a co-payment, and your health insurance will cover the rest.

Catastrophic Health Insurance Plans

Catastrophic health insurance plans are also sometimes called ‘fee for service’ plans. They generally will pay out to any provider, but they strictly limit the kind of health care that they’ll cover. In most cases, you’re only covered for illness or injury. There’s no coverage provided for regular checkups and other office visits. Catastrophic health insurance plans are often the most affordable option, since they only pay off if you become ill or are injured.

Today’s generation is increasingly conscious and concerned about their health, and how they are going to maintain it as they begin to age. Availability of funds and health insurance is surely a good sign of proper planning. But it is imperative that we take proper care of our health. After all, prevention is better than cure. One of the ways of doing this is to provide the right quite immense and minerals to your body on a frequent basis. This helps your body prepare itself to prevent any merit their due to exertion or dehydration. Vitamin supplements help in achieving this.

However, a large part of today’s population is consuming items, without really knowing whether these are the right ones for them. This is not a very good idea, as one needs to know which vitamins are essential for their body requirements. Multivitamins help in this case. A daily dose of multivitamins help in achieving quite a few objectives. In the fast pace of life that each one of us lives, we always fall short of time. And the stakes are told, on the eating patterns of most of us. Due to this, the body does not received the required nutrition or nourishment. There is often a large time gap between meals. And this results in further exertion. Multivitamins help in taking care of such situations, to a certain extent.

On the other hand, if the diet is not complete, multivitamins help in fulfilling the inadequacy in such cases. This can be the disease for any age, and the children, women or old people. Apart from this the daily diet may not be enough to provide some specific vitamins. Multivitamins give a direct and fulfill this requirement.

People have seen a drastic difference in their performance and productivity after frequent consumption of multivitamins. As the name suggests, multivitamins provide a range of nutrients to the body. This helps in keeping the body agile and active throughout the day. In case these individual skips a meal, although it is not suggested, multivitamins help in keeping the body fit and fine.

Sometimes it may be necessary to provide specific vitamins to the body. In these cases, multivitamins might not suffice. Prescribed vitamins may be required to cope up with the requirement of the body. Multivitamins usually contain specific dozes of the most frequently required nutrients. However that may be required only when it is prescribed by a physician.

In any case, it is important to consume the multivitamins on a regular basis. Non-regular consumption will not help as the body is not able to absorb the nutrients effectively. This has been the main reason for discontent with the effectiveness of previous multivitamins in the market. It is not the product, but the pattern of consumption, that needs to be questioned and corrected.

In daily life you would be required to always perform excellent and confident, one of the flagship is a breath of fresh and fragrant.

But what would happen if every time interacting with friends your breath smell. Of course this makes sense of confidence decreases, because you become insecure to scared to open my mouth.

One that is often a problem in day-to-day is dry mouth (xerostomia). This happens when your mouth produces less saliva (saliva). Dry mouth conditions that can trigger bad breath. Bacteria will grow more quickly when the mouth is dry, because the bacteria will remain and grow more quickly.

The bacteria live and interact with leftovers to create the smell. Therefore, it is important to clean your teeth regularly and correctly to reduce the development of bacteria that cause bad breath this.

In addition, consuming foods that have a pungent odor can also be a cause of bad breath. For example: garlic, alcohol and tobacco.

There are several things you can do to reduce the problem of bad breath, here are some how:

1. Brush your teeth regularly at least twice a day. If it is necessary to brush your teeth every after activity or after a meal.
2. Clean your tongue to reduce the development of bacteria and food residue that is in the way the tongue brush slowly and gently.
3. Avoid foods that can cause bad breath, such as sour, spicy, garlic or banana.
4. Avoid smoking because it can damage the gums and leave stains on teeth.
5. Gargle with mouthwash containing anti-bacterial content to provide extra protection against bacteria.
Toothpaste that provide total protection, namely Pepsodent Expert Protection. In addition to removing plaque can also make breath fresher.

Inspired by the dentist’s advice on the use of toothpaste, dental floss and mouthwash to provide total protection against the most comprehensive dental and oral health. This toothpaste provides 94 percent better interdental cleaning, the content of fine grain microgranules that can clean up to the teeth, 94 percent better than regular toothpaste.

Fine grain to microgranules can clean between teeth so that the teeth a thorough clean, not just on the surface.

KNOWING healthy snacks and provide energy when you exercise cycling is very important. Because, eat healthy snacks so not only make your metabolism (nutrient absorption) you continue to work. But also provide a healthy intake of energy for the joints throughout the body.

Yes, bring snacks that contain potassium intake and carbohydrates are needed. Especially when you want to track cycling very much. So, knowing snack that supports so important, so that you do cycling truly nourish the body.

So, what are healthy snacks that must be taken in order to sport cycling really healthy?

Here’s The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics give advice on a good healthy snack for you to take

Bananas have a high potassium content in order to make strong bones and muscles while cycling is always stable, even though the tracks you traveled very far. In addition, the carbohydrate content of energy reserves also provide a cycling trip.

Nuts or honey
These two components are very beneficial when consumed interrupted your cycling sports. The reason, the nut can make the metabolism in the body to continue working, while honey provides energy and endurance in unfriendly weather conditions though.

Bring a snack trail mix (a collection of nuts and biscuits)
These foods can balance out a lot of calories in the body, ie, the carbohydrate intake later transformed into energy reserves in your body. Nuts can also make you sweat more. This is certainly good for burning calories and increasing endurance (stamina) you.

Bring the fruits that you like
That it must have fiber, which serves to protect the digestion. Then, too, can provide good nutrition affects the body, to the joints of the body can be kept at optimal pedaling.

Bring sufficient mineral water
Adjust the mineral water that you bring to the trip you want to take. When a track you will go through a relatively long, bring the water over 500 ml. It aims to balance water in the body because it keeps sweat out.

Being healthy and staying fit doesn’t have to be the direct result of grueling exercises or strict diets. In fact, being healthy and staying fit can be achieved in a lot of fun and exciting ways. The key aspect to maintain is to make sure that you stay consistent with what you do, and as long as you remain dedicated and devoted to the fun things, and even vary up the activities, you will improve your chances of remaining healthy and fit and living a healthier and longer life. (more…)

Have you been dieting for over a month and still not able to lose weight? Or have you been dieting with success and have had your efforts stalled out? What’s the problem? The reason is that you did not include exercises in your weight loss regimen. Recent studies have proved that exercising and eating fewer calories helps you in reducing weight faster in comparison to dieting alone. Exercise helps in keeping your body toned and active. How are exercises beneficial in reducing body weight and staying fit? Let’s find it out?

Body fat is one of the most horrible things to live with. You have to struggle to get into your favorite clothes and you worry each and every time that you have to appear in public at a special event or party. The best road to go down for a healthy and beautiful body is to add diet and exercise in your weight los and diet programs.

Most of the time nutritionists devise very restrictive diets for your weight loss plan which inhibits you from taking in all fast, carbohydrates, and sugary foods completely. This is really difficult to cope with for your body since the body takes time to get adjusted with a new dietary plan and this result in the health degradation and eventually halts weight loss too. But, after sometime you fail to follow such a restrictive diet and weight loss plan and your body that has been starved during this diets satiates its hunger by consuming more food than required which makes you gain weight and before you know it you’ve gained back more than you’ve lost.

It’s definitely better to follow a more moderate approach, rather than restrict everything that you’re used to, just add some exercise to and follow a program that you can live with for the long term. Remember, it’s a lifestyle change that were after not just a weight loss and diet program.
Ten benefits of exercises that help in losing body weight include:

1. It enhances your metabolism which aids in burning more calories
2. Increases energy levels which help you remain active throughout the day. You feel less fatigued and sluggish.
3. Strengthens your muscles and gives us the shape we desire
4. Improves blood circulation in the body muscles
5. Maintains and regulates blood pressure effectively.
6. Balances oxidation in the body which helps in easy breakdown of fat molecules
7. Decreases LDL (bad cholesterol) and increases the quantity of HDL (good cholesterol)
8. Diminish blood clotting chances
9. Balances blood sugar levels and improves digestion
10. strengthens joints

It’s been found out that exercise burns more calories than any other physical activity so make it a daily routine. Running alone helps in burning 560 calories in 30 minutes duration. Running is excellent, but don’t forget to include strength training as well.

Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel and in ancient Eastern traditions chakra is the word used to describe swirling energetic hotspots all over the body. There are thousands of chakras from the tips of your fingers to the bottoms of your toes. However, there are seven major chakras that run from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. These seven chakras are what are commonly referred to when people talk about the body’s energy centers.

Chakras, as mentioned above, are energy hotspots all over the body that fuel the body’s entire energetic system with divine energy (also called prana or chi). Because everything in the world is made of matter, and matter is made of energy, we know that everything in the world is made of energy. Chakras are the energy centers found in all living things that keep them radiant with life.

Energy flows into and out of chakras which use it to energize the body’s meridians (or energetic blood stream). In addition to fueling the meridians, chakras directly provide the body’s organ systems, tissues, muscles, and cells with energy to flourish. Because physical and emotional toxins can clog the chakras, sometimes energy becomes blocked or stagnant and the organ systems the chakras feeds becomes deficient. Keeping your chakras healthy and clean is important in ensuring optimal physical health for your body.

The seven major chakras not only fuel the physical body with energy, they energize the emotional body as well. Each chakra is responsible for different emotions, feelings and perceptions correlating with aspects of your life. In fact, often times it’s the emotional portion of our being that controls the physical outcome. What this means is that often it’s an emotion, or an emotional tie to a situation in our lives that leaves our chakras depleted of energy. Negative emotions are responsible for many of the toxic clogs that result in our chakras being partially blocked. Because of this, many physical ailments or physical dis-ease is a direct result of years of emotional turmoil.

The tricky part with emotional dis-ease is that it’s not always known; meaning it may not always be stored in the 1/6 of the brain we use, called the conscious. Rather it is stored in the other 5/6 of the brain, or the subconscious. The subconscious can store many past emotional disturbances that may not have registered consciously but have deeply affected you on a subconscious and energetic level.

The good news is there are ways to clear our unwanted subconscious beliefs, conscious beliefs and the chakra centers. There are many techniques used by energy medicine practitioners to heal and restore balance to the chakras, as well as unravel negative programs being held in the brain and body resulting in emotional and physical dis-ease.

Diabetic Breakfast Ideas Assuming that happen to be diagnosed with diabetes, must be very disciplined with the foods you eat. It is considered that the conclusion of a diabetic menu clean and healthy is important to you, but also because you must choose the right foods to curb diabetes adapted as best as possible and take into account, the food you eat should be protected of long-term damage done by diabetes – that antioxidants that low GI foods.

Maintain strict control of these criteria, it is important to carefully choose their dishes, especially breakfast, because it is one of the most important meals of the day. In addition to diabetes breakfast, should emphasize the preservation of the highest values ​​of fitness and wellness, apart from typical examinations to maintain total control of diabetes.

He came to breakfast with diabetes, may be surprising for you to keep in mind that food breakfast diabetic breakfast menu for diabetes can be easily created good and exciting. It also indicates that breakfast recipes diabetics are more troublesome, as there may be tried in the past.

Nutritious breakfasts with diabetes are achievable if you can add your personal touch and an artistic style to be a little different.

Breakfast is recommended for diabetics:

The first and most important thing to remember is that food for diabetics should be “low glycemic index.” This indicates that the Revenue diabetes should include foods that do not raise blood glucose quickly and really should be kept low blood sugar level for many hours. It should be noted here that the amino acids have a distinct advantage over processed grains to maintain the level of blood sugar constant. Therefore, the right grain for a person with diabetes would certainly whole-grain barley, oats and whole grain rye to name a few.

Diabetes good breakfast idea also may contain peanuts, tomatoes, blueberries, channels of low-fat cheese and apples, bananas, peaches, etc, but the proportions of reality should be advised and managed with a licensed physician.

Selection of real estate for diabetic food for breakfast:

  1. Diabetic Lunch Menu # 1: Find a single slice of bread that could be grilled to your liking. Apply a teaspoon of margarine on bread, you can put a cup of egg substitute or cheese on toast. If you support something hot and melts in the morning, you can change the cottage cheese / egg substitute cup of oatmeal mixed with a cup of skim milk and may opt for a bit of banana.
  2. Two plates of food for diabetics: a cup of fresh blueberries and a cup of whole milk, nonfat or low-fat with them. You can change the blueberry muffin with a little cranberry cake alternating with a glass of whole milk (fat).
  3. Three plates of food for diabetics: Take 2 slices of whole grain wheat toast and 2 tablespoons of propagation. peanut butter in them. You can get a cup of tea of ​​coffee (use low fat or fat, if desired) and a few bananas.
  4. four. Plates of food for diabetics # 4: Spanish Tortilla: In this small course of diabetes, you may need 5 small

Busyness office workers in big cities have become increasingly serious. The more betahnya all that are in the office, to the point from breakfast until dinner all done in the office. How could I not fat?

Eating habits in the office, let alone at your desk or in front of a computer is obviously very limiting physical activity. Whereas in many previous studies, lack of movement is the main cause of obesity and various diseases that accompany it.
overtime at the office
Recent research in the UK also confirmed that eating habits in the office of the cause of the increasing rates of obesity in the country. According to the researchers, eating habits in the office not only reduces physical activity but also sparked a diet or an unhealthy diet.

With funding from corporate snack Wonderful Pistachios, this study revealed that 50 percent of respondents ate breakfast and lunch at your desk. Even 10 percent of whom also enjoy dinner at the same place, not in his own.

Whether we realize it or not, this practice according to the researchers trigger the urge to snack throughout the day. Observations also showed that 4 out of 10 respondents admitted to eating unhealthy snacks, at least 2 times on a daily basis.

As many as four out of 10 respondents reasoned, snacking can boost energy or stamina for work. About 50 per cent even admitted, snacking makes more spirit. Whatever it is, most of the admitted lack of time and busy overcrowding as a reason to eat at your desk.

“Many people are struggling to manage the life of a worker who is very demanding, the need for a healthy diet. Conversations tentan food, boredom and constant temptations that make workers easy to forget the healthy part of life,” the researchers said.

Although we usually think of strength and fitness as being a physical thing it does also apply to our mental and emotional health as well. When we have this complete type of health we can reach our own full potential as an individual, can work productively and cope with the normal stresses of daily life without falling to pieces and needing drugs to prop us up.

Yet we have to do more than just wish for good mental and emotional health and now it is being recognized that all three aspects of health – physical, mental and emotional are closely linked. What affects one affects the others as well.

Our modern and inactive world has removed anything that even resembles muscular ‘work’ from our lives. Our bodies no longer have the mechanism to keep themselves healthy. We can see from the statistics that two thirds of the developed worlds population is now overweight and 50 percent of us have a chronic ‘lifestyle’ disease. Many people have multiple conditions that downgrade their health and vitality.

Among these conditions is mental illness that is also growing at a rate that outstrips the disease burden caused by all cancers so it is a very real threat. It already accounts for more than 15 percent of all disease costs and by 2020 it has been predicted to be the second highest cause of death and disability in our world.

Technology that pushes us along at a fast pace does not help as the ‘busyness’ and speed at which we are supposed to function and react also can cause us stress and anxiety. We absorb and process more information in one day than our ancestors did in an entire lifetime. We often forget that we need down-time to dissipate and counter this stress, busyness and pressure.

One way we can get this stress relief is to work our physical body so that the benefits filter through our entire being. Our brain is the central control unit for our body and we forget about its health usually focusing on what is below the neck as needing our attention.

We all know about the health benefits of exercise to our physical body – stronger muscles, bones and joints, weight control, better blood sugar regulation and disease risk reduction but most of us are unaware that there are huge health benefits for our mental well-being as well.

Taking some time out for 2-3 sessions of proper strength training exercise each week to work the muscular system through its ranges of movement is also soothing and calming to the mind. Generating feeling of happiness, energy, and well-being through getting your blood pumping around the body and muscles is the best tonic there is for feelings of stress or ‘feeling blue’.

Take advantage of the body’s natural feel good endorphins and painkillers to keep calm and centered and make the most out of your lot in life. We each have to take care of our own mental and emotional health so we do not become one of the four people affected by mental health problems somewhere in

Fish oil is available for sale under many brands and all proclaim similar benefits. The reason for this is that they are all manufactured from the same source namely, fish. No matter in what form like capsules, soft gels, tablets, or as syrups they are marketed, they are made from fish oil but differ in their processing. So you have to do a careful analysis when you buy fish oil supplements. (more…)